• Stephen Williams

How Lobster Rolls came to Cafe Heavenly

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

One never really knows when an idea will come to you.  Usually it just happens, but for us, the ideas usually involve travel.  Most of us realize that getting away for a few days helps break the routine and allows a different focus on what might be possible, and this can always helped with gaining ideas of Cafe Heavenly’s next adventure!

This happened for us when we were in Maine visiting many Lobster Shacks along the coast now over 7 years ago. It actually was on our 3rd trip to the area.  Each time we flew to Maine after finding a ridiculous low airfare price of $71 non-stop, Orlando to Manchester, New Hampshire.  Rented a car each time and in less than 45 minutes, we were on the coast of Maine.  Heading North, we’d stop at just about each Lobster shack and enjoy some great Lobster Rolls. We also found it odd that some shacks served very mediocre Lobster Rolls!  But most were delicious and, of course, the scenery was spectacular. We weren't thinking about adding Lobster Rolls to Cafe Heavenly’s menu, but were just enjoying ourselves along that most beautiful coast.

It was in our third year of visiting Maine that we were sitting on a restaurant bench looking at a most gorgeous Lobster Roll, when one of us said, “We could do this”. Of course, we had no real idea if it were true, but it was the first germ of the idea.  I don’t know why it took us so long to think of this, but we finally did.

When we returned to New Smyrna Beach, we began the quest to learn everything about Lobster Rolls.  Can we procure the highest quality Maine Lobster?  We never considered a cheaper lobster alternative.  We only wanted the sweetest of Lobster meat that has made Maine Lobster famous.

What about the Lobster bread roll?

Was that just a Hot Dog Bun split on top?  We discovered that these rolls were first made by a bakery called Nissen and the rolls were called Nissen Rolls (accent on the first syllable, not both as in the car).  After much investigation, we found a bakery in Miami who made a good duplicate of the Roll, and would deliver to us fresh each morning.  We found a Bar Harbor lobster supplier who would send us just caught lobster.  The price was high, and we wondered if anyone would spend that much on a Lobster Roll in New Smyrna Beach.

Our Objective was to offer the best Lobster Roll we had ever enjoyed during that 3 year quest for Lobster Rolls in Maine.  And we felt that we could not scrimp on the amount of lobster served, and we also didn’t want any ‘filler’ to pretend to be a larger lobster roll. No celery or red pepper or anything else.  Only Lobster Roll is only served ‘Warm with Butter’ or ‘Cold with Mayo’.  Period!!

All Mayo is not the same.  We use a higher quality Mayo that you most likely cannot find at a typical grocery store.  It costs more, but delivers a much better taste.  Our Rolls are always toasted with Butter, whether the Lobster Rolls are served warm or cold.

The rest is History!

This is but one example of ‘Living The Lifestyle’ in operating Cafe Heavenly. It allows the expressing of great passion for food along with the adventure of discovery from the travels involved.  You’ll see from this and other articles posted in the future that travel is the Key to discovering new possibilities for our Customers.


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